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Duct Sealing
Aeroseal will help improve your home air quality, reduce utility bills, and maximize your comfort.

Aeroseal is a patented technology that pressurizes your duct system and seals leaks from the inside, getting to unexposed areas that would be otherwise impossible with other traditional duct sealing methods.
Benefits of Duct Sealing:

Energy Savings

Improves Airflow

Improves Home Comfort

Removes Dust & Allergens
Do You Have Dirty Ducts?
Many homeowners choose duct cleaning to help with their dusty home. But this is only half of the solution. Consider why your duct system is dirty in the first place.

Your ducts can travel through some pretty “yucky” places like attics, crawlspaces, and interior walls – this includes supply ducts delivering air throughout your home and return ducts bringing air back to your air handling unit.

Unsealed air return ducts suck in dirt, dust, allergens, smelly odors, and other pollutants from these areas. They also bring humidity which leads to moisture and comfort issues inside your home.

Sealing your duct system is an important part of a duct cleaning solution. Duct sealing:
  • Improves your home’s overall indoor air quality
  • Provides consistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Makes your system more efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.
If you are considering duct cleaning, look for a contractor who can finish the job with duct sealing services. The safest, most effective way to seal ducts is with AerosealTM Technology.
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